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Post by Dreamlimix on Mon Jan 18, 2010 12:37 pm

~Official Rules of Standards~

While we are a very friendly community and allow most of the things, we do not tolerate some stuff.

Posting/General Rules:
Spam: We do not tolerate any kind of Spam, such as posting meaningless posts, messages etc..
Flood: We do not allow flood, Flood means double/triple posting messages to get attention, or just flooding the board by making multiple threads of the same subject etc..
Off-Topicness: Do not go to a thread which is about Sports ( example ) and post in that thread about Computers ( example ), It just is off-topic and seems pointless in that thread, so please do not post off-topic posts
Double Threads: If you accidentally post your thread twice, it is fine and the second thread will be deleted by one of our Mods, if you are constantly posting your threads twice to get attention, you might be warned.
Flaming/Discrimination: We strictly do not tolerate flaming/insulting/discrimination, so please keep these type of posts out of Standards, if you post an insulting reply or topic in our board, it will not make you look mature and also will get you warned. Flaming/Discrimination is a serious offense.
Linking: Please do not post your website's link anywhere in this forum except in Links to Click forum and in signatures, also allowed once in your introduction thread. also do not PM your links to users, we can find it out easily that you're doing it, so beware, also linking to sites which is not yours such as Google is allowed in forums.
Illegal Activities: Quite simply, no discussion about illegal materials. No posting of pornographic images or linking to sites which have pornographic images on them. Asking for or offering illegal downloads is also not allowed.
Double Accounts: Creating a double account is not allowed, unless you have a strong reason for it, or you are told by a moderator/admin to create it. If you don't have a good enough reason for it or are not told by anyone to create it, then your second account will be permanently banned, and you will receive a warning in original one.
Plagiarism: Please, do not steal stuff from other sites and post it here as your own, without giving credit to them, If you post something that someone else has made, give a credit to him. Also please try not to steal from here too.
Hacking: It's not tolerated at all costs. Offering to hack a website is not allowed, asking for help in hacking is not allowed too, and hacking downloads are also not allowed, Everything hacking is NOT allowed at Standards, also do not try to hack us, we'll ban, IP ban, e-mail ban and report you to higher sources if you try to. ;)
Impersonating: Please do not pretend to be someone you're not, also do not let your friends use your account or use your friend's account.
Harassment: Do not stalk a user by repeatedly asking him his personal stuff, such as asking for his password, phone number, real name etc.., Also, do not talk to him about something he doesn't like to talk about etc..
Arguing with Staff: If you don't like something a staff member has said, use the PM system or a messenger to talk to them about it. If you still think they are in the wrong, speak to a director about it via PM or on messenger. Do not argue with staff on the forums and don't use the old "I don't have to listen to you" line.
Swearing: Please try not to do it, it is allowed at some cases, but not at all times. Try to censor if you have said a swear word like this "Swe**ing" please. Not everyone likes swearing.
Posting threads in Incorrect forum: If you post a thread accidentally in a wrong forum, it'll be moved, but please don't do it all the time.
SMS/1337 Language: You're allowed to use SMS language but not the 1337 ( Leet ) language.
Bumping: You're only allowed to bump your thread once every 24 hours.
Begging/Threatening: Please don't beg or threat, it makes your reputation look really bad, also you will get a warning for it probably, saying things like "Please make me admin, or I'll destroy your forum" is considered begging/threatening, also we know, you don't have guts to destroy us xD.
Mini-Moderation: If you're not moderator or admin, then you're NOT allowed to moderate someone! Things like "You're not allowed to double post" etc. are called moderation and is not allowed when you're not moderator. If you see something wrong, just use the report button and moderators will be alert. also you're not allowed to "command" a moderator like "Please lock" etc.. in posts.
Signatures: Please try to only put 2 images in your signature and some text, that won't lag the forum, if you have like a wallpaper in your signature, it'll be removed, as it totally lags the forum.

These rules also go for the Shoutbox. If you think there should be another rule, or we need to remove a rule, contact us admins via PM and we'll see.

Contest Rules:

Setting up a contest - Guidelines

What you're not allowed to do;

1. Make a prize without a permission of Staff
2. Set up a contest which doesn't follow the main rules of Standards
3. Mark your contest as "Official Contest of Standards" without permission of staff, All contests made by members are Unofficial unless the contest is related to benefit of Standards or has been approved as Official by Administrators
4. Give away an illegal prize from the contest

What you're allowed to do;

1. Set up a contest
2. Moderate your contest - Deny/Approve entries
3. Give away a prize from your contest [Should be approved by Staff]
4. Have fun. =)


If you think there should be another rule, or we need to remove a rule, contact us admins via PM and we'll see.
Thanks for reading, please follow the rules. :)

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