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Post by Whatif on Mon Jan 18, 2010 3:02 pm

This is one of the member generated services we offer here at Standards. Members can come up with their own interesting competitions.

Now, competitions can be defined by several things and some of them include:

  • Guessing a number.
  • Solving a riddle.
  • Forum Face Off
  • GFX Face Off
  • Etc
There are a couple of dos and donts that come with making contests

What you're not allowed to do;

1. Make a prize without a permission of Staff
2. Set up a contest which doesn't follow the main rules of SC
Mark your contest as "Official Contest of Standards" without permission
of staff, All contests made by members are Unofficial unless the
contest is related to benefit of Standards or has been approved as
Official by Administrators
4. Give away an illegal prize from the contest

What you're allowed to do;

1. Set up a contest
2. Moderate your contest - Deny/Approve entries
3. Give away a prize from your contest [Should be approved by Staff]
4. Have fun. =)

You are not obligated to include a prize simply because your idea of a contest can be a poll of who's siggy is better Read before posting 274351

By posting anywhere in this section, it is recognized that you have read these rules Read before posting 329544

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